10+ Reasons Why You Should Use a .COM Domain

A .COM domain is a domain with a .com extension at the end of a domain name which is also known as a TLD or Top Level Domain type.
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10+ Reasons Why You Should Use a .COM Domain

Domain is a website tool that you type in the browser's URL field to create a website. One of the widely used domain name extensions, including in Indonesia, is the .COM extension. Actually, there are many reasons to use a .COM domain. This can be a consideration when choosing a domain for the website you want to create.

If you are interested in finding out more about COM domains and why this one domain extension is a popular choice, let's find out together through this article.

.COM Domain at a Glance

Domain is a website address that we usually type to visit a website. In short, we can think of a website as a home and a domain name as a home address. 

A .COM domain is a domain with a .com extension at the end of a domain name which is also known as a TLD or Top Level Domain type. The COM extension stands for commercial. The .COM domain is the most commonly used domain type, so it's easy to find when searching on the internet.

Although initially this one domain extension was created for commercial organizations, there are no strict restrictions on this. By the mid-1990s, .com had become the most popular top-level domain type and was widely used for businesses, websites, and email.

Reasons to Use a .COM Domain

The domain name is one of the things that you must consider carefully when you want to create a website. Currently, you can easily find many choices of domains that can be tailored to the characteristics of the website you want to create. 

The choice of a domain name is not arbitrary so that the website can run perfectly. You can apply tips on choosing a domain name that suits your needs and desires regardless of the type of website you create.

COM domains are present as one of the best choices for several reasons and the advantages that you can feel when using these domain extensions. 

Here are some reasons to use a .COM domain that can help you make the final decision when choosing a domain name.

The Most Popular TLD

TLD stands for Top Level Domain which is a public domain extension that is registered at the highest level in the domain name system. There are actually hundreds of TLDs and .com is one of the most popular.

52 percent of domains registered on ten million popular websites use the .COM extension, as reported by Statista data as of April 2021. This data makes this domain extension far ahead of its closest competitors such as .RU and .ORG which is no more than 6 percent. 

For this reason, you can consider using .COM and start looking for cheap COM domains without compromising on quality.

More Familiar

A website that is easy to remember and familiar to consumers will certainly have more value. As a result, more and more people will come and even become loyal consumers. Although you can choose any domain extension, people in Indonesia are more familiar with the .COM domain.

Many judges that a website with .COM is a website that has a good image. This can be an opportunity to attract the attention of many people you are targeting as a market for your business. Consider the reasons for using this .COM domain when you want to buy a domain from a trusted domain provider.

SEO friendly

Another reason why you should use a .COM domain is that this domain extension is SEO friendly. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an optimization effort so that a website can be and survive in the top position of Google search results. That way, internet users will find it easier to find the website.

So, if you want your website to perform better on any search engine including Google, using a domain with the COM extension is highly recommended. Although many judges that there is no domain name that has special performance in search engines, the .COM domain has international coverage. This means that the website that you manage will more easily appear in search engines.

Easy Registration

Although the scope of COM extensions is very broad, registration is very easy. This can also add to the reason for having to use a .COM domain for the website that you are going to manage. 

You can get this domain anywhere because it does not require certain documentation requirements. The most interesting thing about this domain is that you can own it in seconds. Try looking for a promo domain so you get more benefits from using a .COM domain!

.COM Domain Describes Business

One of the things that affect a business is reputation. You can start building a business reputation on the internet by using the COM domain extension. Basically, every domain including the .COM domain has a special designation.

COM domains are intended for business owners, so they are perfect for those of you who want to get into an online business. With this domain extension, your website will look more official and trusted so that it can help build a reputation at the beginning of its online presence.

Affordable prices

Price is one of the important things that is always included in the list of considerations for any product or service that individuals or organizations want to buy. Having a limited budget is not a reason to delay making a website. 

Apart from web hosting, you can also get a domain name at an affordable price regardless of what domain extension you want to use. You can look for companies that offer cheap domains that you can adjust to your budget.

More Convincing

Domain will be the identity of a website and also added value in convincing potential customers. Many cases of fraud that occur in cyberspace make people worry when choosing a particular website to get the goods or services they need.

This is certainly a challenge for businesses who want to introduce their brand through a website. .COM domains are more convincing so you can attract more people to come to your website without fear and worry. How could that be?

Talking about scams, most of the fraudsters usually use alternative domains to easily trick the victims. That's why .COM domains are very helpful in convincing potential buyers who don't know your business at all.

Opportunity to Receive Adsense

In Google's eyes, websites or blogs that use .COM domains perform better than other domain extensions. As a result, the site can be indexed more easily when publishing content. This is the basis why Google is interested in sites that use the COM extension domain.

If you want to register for Adsense, then you have more chances to get your Adsense application accepted. Thus, you can realize another goal of web creation, namely so that you can become an Adsense publisher.

Can be Equal to Big Sites

Even though you run a small business, that doesn't mean you can't build a brand and compete with big-name competitors. When using a .COM domain, your website can be up to par with the big sites. Internet users will think your website is the same as other websites. 

Easy to remember

Usually, something popular and familiar is easy to remember, as is the domain name of a website. The popularity of the .COM domain makes it familiar and memorable so that it can get a special place in the hearts of internet users.

People will tend to choose to visit a website or domain name that they remember rather than doing a search when they want to buy a product or service the second time and so on.

International Scale

Domains with COM extensions are international-scale domains and can be used by anyone. Because of this, this domain is neutral on all web browsers in the world so that it can be accessed without restrictions on location range.

No Purchase Terms and Conditions

Anyone from any part of the world can buy a .COM domain without but and without later because there are no terms and conditions that must be met. They just need to register the domain with a registrar in order to use it.


Every website needs a domain name including the website that you will create to start an online business. With the various reasons for using the .COM domain mentioned above, you will be more confident in choosing a TLD ( Top Level Domain ) domain extension that can be used internationally.

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